First Aid Responder x 3 days


Feb 23rd March - 2nd, 9th,


Breda Colgan


3 days



The PHECC FAR programme is designed to meet the first aid and basic life support requirements that a person known as a “First Aid Responder” may encounter in the workplace.

*Places on courses are subject to availability

Course Content

The HSA specifies that an Occupational first aider is a person trained and qualified in Occupational first aid – Chapter 2 Part 7 General Applications Regulations 2007. As of 01/09/2107 the management of the Register of Trainers and the provision of training certification is managed by PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council), the programme provided for first aid training for workplace standard is First Aid Responder (FAR).

In addition to CFR skills the FAR possesses defined skills in the further management of a patient who has become suddenly ill or injured in the Pre-Hospital environment until emergency services arrive.

Duration of Training: 3 days


  1. Patient Assessment
  2. Incident Procedure
  3. CFR – Community
  4. Common Medical Emergencies
  5. Injury Management & Shock
  6. Care of the Unconscious Patient
  7. Burns & Electrical Injuries
  8. Hypothermia & Hyperthermia
  9. Infection Management
  10. Communications
  11. The wellbeing of the first aid responder

Certification: PHECC FAR Cert valid for 2 years

Assessment: MCQ 20 question paper, CFR Practical, FAR practical skills assessment.

Provided: Manual / Notes, PHECC Red Card.