The changing face of retail pivoting and embracing online challenges


7 July 10am - 1pm


Derek Hannick


3 hrs



  • Acknowledge how retail has changed over the last 2 years.
  • Create the new retail landscape (using statistics)
  • What does Pivoting mean?
  • Identify options available to retail businesses to respond to the new retail environment

*Places on courses are subject to availability

Course Content

“On successful completion of the training module, participants will have gained an understanding of how and why businesses have to pivot from time to time to stay in business and thrive.

The following will be explored:

• Have customers changed?
• Have your customers changed?
• What measures have you implemented to make it easier on your customers?
• Has your cost of sales increased? Or decreased?
• Have you attracted new customers?
• Have you truly embraced the challenges of online trading?
• Have you truly embraced the opportunities of online trading?

Participants will be facilitated to:

• Assess how/if it has changed your business model?
• Identify competitors: their significance; how they might impact on your business
• Why you are or why are you are not making changes?
• What value might specific changes bring to your business?

Each participant will receive up to 6 dedicated 1to1 training sessions over 6-8 weeks to work on each topic within their own teams or business.